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Tim Topham

Tim Topham is a piano player and teacher from Melbourn, Australia. Over the last few years he has built a successful platform for other music teachers on the web. Tim has developed a teaching method that aligns perfectly with the app.

Hi everyone, it's Tim Topham here from topmusic.co.

I teach teachers around the world how to teach more creatively and work with their students on pop music, chord progressions – all that kinda fun stuff.

I've got a framework that I teach, called 4-chord composing. It helps teachers work with students on building up songs and chord progressions with their students that sounds really epic. And that uses the circle of fifths as its basis for how chords work together and how to make things sound cool.

When I found out about Tonaly, this fantastic songwriting app, that is based on the interactive circle of fifths, I was absolutely blown away and I've been only too happy to tell all my teachers and members about it.

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Tims Tonaly app demo

What it does...

What it does is it enables not only students that can already play the piano and actually form chords and chord shapes. But it allows people that maybe are just studying producing or maybe they play an instrument that's not chord based to still learn the same ideas about chords and chord progressions and how they all work together. With a few simple clicks you create music.

I absolutely love it, can't recommend it enough, and thanks to Chris for creating it!

Thanks Tim! By the way, Tim and I had a chat about Tonaly in his Podcast "The Topcast" Episode 212. Go ahead, check it out.

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