Songwriting & Practice with Tonaly Pro for Mac

The perfect tool for composing and practicing music. With handy music production features like MIDI-Out, Drag & Drop MIDI files and much more.

Write & practice music

Easily find chords, create music, learn and practice more than 80 basic and advanced scales.

Tonaly Pro includes all iOS features and Add-ons.

Compose Drag & Drop MIDI Core-MIDI-Out Using key commands Learn & practice Lead sheets

Pro feature

Export and output MIDI

Work closely with your DAW and use your favorite sounds. Use Tonaly Pro as an instrument or hit ⌘ E and Drag & Drop MIDI files of songs and matching scales.

Pro feature

Create lead sheets

Create beautiful and easy-to-read sheet music of your songs or popular songs. Easily print or export as a PDF file.

Pro feature

Keyboard shortcuts

Key commands significantly boost productivity and make composing more fun. For example, keys 1 to 7 represent chords or tones of the current scale. And, of course, there is much more.

See all shortcuts

Have a closer look

Preview Tonaly Pro for Mac.

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In sync with iOS

The app uses iCloud to let you seamlessly work on all of your devices.

Power-user hint

By getting Tonaly Pro, you unlock all add-ons on your iPhone or iPad!
Tonaly User Interface (Smartphone)
Tonaly User Interface (Tablet)
More to come

The development of Tonaly continues. Tonaly Pro will include all new features and add-ons.


Take a deeper look into the Tonaly app and learn more on some music theory topics.

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