Ultimate Circle Of Fifths becomes "Tonaly"

Over the past two years, this app grew a lot. Now, it is much more than a plain "Circle of fifths" app. Tonaly will form the basis for further awesome features!

Why a new name?

As I started this app, I wanted to create a circle of fifths app, which was fun and easy to use. After the launch, I got more and more user feedback on features that would be nice to have. The app grew bigger and bigger and I no longer could connect the app with its "old name". The base still is the circle of fifths, but I want to give it a more basic, less specific name, which leaves more space for interpretation.

What else is changing?

Nothing! All the features of the app will be available and unchanged after the name change. Of course, you won't need to re-purchase something if you've already downloaded the app. Just update the app and you will be all set!