Songwriting and practice app for iOS, iPad and Mac

Write songs, find chords, and learn scales based on the circle of fifths. For every instrument and skill level.

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Write songs

Tonaly helps you to come up with chords that sound great together.

The interactive circle of 5ths within the Tonaly app helps you compose your songs.
  • See what belongs together. Chords within a key are highlighted.

  • Easily combine related chords – in and out of the key.

  • Spice up chord progressions with "Borrowed chords" or chord extensions.

  • Get intelligent chord suggestions.

  • Find melodies for hooks, basslines or solos.

Export and share

Export MIDI, PDF * and share song links to collaborate.

* Available as Add-on for iOS. Included in "Pro for Mac".

MIDI file icon
Tonaly app user interface
Tonaly app user interface for exporting PDF lead sheets, MIDI files and song links.
DAW interface midi track
DAW interface track
DAW interface tracks
DAW interface
PDF lead sheet created and exported with the Tonaly app.
PDF lead sheet created and exported with the Tonaly app.

Learn and practice

Practice your instrument with scales, progressions, and learn popular songs.

Piano within the Tonaly app
Guitar within the Tonaly app
Ukulele within the Tonaly app
Bass within the Tonaly app
  • All scales in one place.

  • Change keys and increase difficulty step by step.

  • Playback and practice scales on your instrument.

  • Practice chord progressions and solos.

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Tonaly Pro for Mac

Get the most out of it! All iOS features, Add-ons and pro features like Core-MIDI-Output.

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Take a deeper look into the Tonaly app and learn more on some music theory topics.

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The Tonaly app is also known as "Ultimate Circle Of Fifths". Read more about it